The Team

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Kole  or "Arrow" launched his career at a young age within the family  business where he started at an entry level for 5 years during his college  years while studying marketing and communication.

Entering as a Trade Marketing Trainee, he climbed  the managerial ladder and tackled major key account customers' plans,  conducted several market research activities, studied consumer behavior, and  researched aspects related to brand decline causes in the marketplace.

At 37, he is the ambitious,  sociable, team-oriented, and persistant partner to always think broad and  find detailed solutions.

Kole switched between many industries as a freelance consultant before co-founding the consultancy.

Being familiar with most Marketing channels  dynamics across many industries (F&B, Fin tech, Media & Events,  Digital marketing, etc.), he's your go to person for everything related to  marketing , distribution and campaign deployment channels.

On a less serious note, "Arrow"  is your general prankster of the team.

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Hugg "the wise" studied business analytics and started his career as an analyst for 6 years before surviving cancer at 25 and turning to meditation in India. Re-entering the market 2 years later, he helped boost the family hospitality business for 3 years.
For the next 11 years, Hugg was promoted to team-lead analyst specializing in corporate financial data at an international consultancy firm.

Tackling numbers, patterns and analytics, Hugg is your man for trend setting, data, communication tactics and everything in between.

Celebrated 45 years a few months ago, he is assertive, devoted to success and the brain for calculated risk assessment.

"The wise" grew his financial data consultancy experience in Transportation, Telecommunication, construction, hospitality and entertainment.

You can always strike a conversation on asian countries with Hugg as he plans on doing a full tour there sometime in the next 10 years.

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Nicknamed  "silent fire", Booz is the creative mastermind and team mentor for  all campaign communications and material at the company.  Studying graphic arts with emphasis on  media production, she did her first pottery exhibition at 17 and started her  professional career in advertising for 2 years. Seizing an opportunity at an international media agency for the following 10 years, Booz made her  experience working across the GCC and Europe as media campaigns manager where  she worked in the manufacturing sector.

Pushing her career prime years, Booz still has the hyperactive inner child  in her as creativity comes to her naturally, with a keen eye for detail and  always actively learning about new trends, she has a good eye for business  intelligence, is working on having her own crafts store, and plans to go  cycling over the European coast sometime soon.

When mentally drained, you'll catch  the "silent fire" swinging an iron club on the golf course.

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Omar M. Koleilat


Omar, or O. as he likes us to call him is "the Engine" behind KH&B; he sees through the spirit and intentions of our founding partners: Kole, Hugg & Booz and unifies their direction, and ohh what a process getting them all 3 on board of his decisions.

O. is CEO of KH&B and when not, he's an outdoors fella, spends his time under the sun on a beach somewhere, and has a non ending itch to always follow on all global and regional news, history, and future.