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Whether you’re looking for a shoulder to cry on, out of words, out of ideas, and want to make a difference. We’ll be there for you every step of the way.
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Honest partner, true love.

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We create media communication strategies, media plans, and perception change campaigns.


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Marketing Manager at Super Brasil Company
As a GM of UM, Omar succeeded in a record time in building a strong relationship with key clients and media partners, as well as rebuild the team structure in a more efficient and result oriented manner. As a team player, he managed to tangibly uplift the spirit and drive of the team, proving to be gifted in HR as well as management have personally felt this positive change which reflected upon the whole group Working with Omar is a major positive learning experience
Deputy Director - Executive Education at Dayananda Sagar University
At one point in time, I used to report to Omar during my stint in UM Jeddah. By age, Omar was much younger than me but that's the amazing thing about him. He's aggressive, sharp, extremely smart and want's to get things done faster without any delay. Also speaks a lot about him. Few people I have met who kind of made an impact on me. Omar is definitely one of them. I wish him well and hope age never slows him down and his quest for personal growth!
Director at Omnicom Media Group (MENA)
Omar is possibly one of the easiest people to work and get along with. He will always be there for his team and will not shy away from being completely hands on when the situation requires it. Such a positive spirit will take him a long way.
Executive Director I Advertising I Business Development
A people's person, very close to his peers with great leadership skills. Working with Omar was fun, dynamic and result driven.
Managing Director at OMD Egypt
I have worked with Omar since 2003 in different companies and one of his main consistencies is achievement and success. Omar is a goal oriented person with a drive that always leads to great results. Over the years he has managed to maintain a great relationship with his current and former clients. Omar is also a great motivator to his team and was able to create an environment that balanced fun and work.
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